Monte Bello Islands

Charter tours start and finish at Exmouth Marina or Dampier.

The Monte Bello Islands sits approximately 120 nautical miles north of Exmouth and around 65 nautical miles from Dampier, off the West Australian coast, the Monte Bello Islands present a rare opportunity for adventure, fun and relaxation.

With over 100 small islands in the group we are able to access most via our smaller vessel, Pseudorca. The Monte Bello Islands are surrounded by magnificent virgin coral reefs with water temperatures perfect for snorkelling and spearfishing, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and surfing the many reef breaks. The crystal clear waters provide amazing visibility of the reefs and marine life, as well as spectacular coral outcrops and vast amounts of plant species.

The multitude of islands allows Silverado to access beautiful calm bays so you can get a good night's sleep in most weather conditions.

With a rich history, the Monte Bello Islands achieved international notoriety in 1952 when the British, in an operation code named 'Hurricane', detonated an atomic weapon in a bay off one of the major Islands, Trimouille. Two further atomic tests were carried out in May and June of 1956 on Alpha and Trimouille Islands.

  • All meals are included.
  • Guests can BYO alcoholic beverages and mixers or we can arrange for guests' orders to be delivered to the vessel from local bottle shops.
  • Not included: Pre and post accommodation, air fares, alcohol.

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