Our Crew

Our crew becomes 'your crew' when you join us on board.

The Captain: Ash Nesbit is a Master 5 and MED 2, with an added Boilermaker Cert 4 in OHS. Ash has spent most of his life on the ocean – he is an accomplished waterman, surfing, free diving, and fishing and open ocean paddling are his passions. Running charters and paddling most of the WA coast for many years, you are in safe hands with Ash. He also enjoys cooking, so most of your seafood meals will be cooked by him.

Engineer and First Mate: Mike Dowson – where do you start with this motor cycle champion, also a Master 5 and MED 2 and an outstanding marine and automotive mechanic by trade. Mike is also very at home in the water – some call him the dolphin whisperer! Mike enjoys a chat, has a wealth of information and if you can't find him he's in one of two places – in the water or in the engine room.

The Boss Deckie: Joanne Dowson – Boss of Mike, Jo is an accomplished business woman running her own charter business on the Collie River in the summer months. Jo also holds a Commercial Coxswains Certificate. Jo helps with many operational matters on Silverado and she knows where everything is! Jo and Ash work together with the cooking but Jo does most of the preparation while the fish are cleaned and prepared.